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Privacy policy

General notes

In general, we do not collect any personal information. We may collect only information that is required in order to provide full functionality of our products. It is never shared with any third parties. This policy lists the data that is collected and the processing applied to it. We take all necessary technical, administrative and physical measures to protect the information we collect about users.


Data we collect when you visit our website



When you visit our website, our server may place a small data file called a «cookie» (sometimes called «web cookie» or «browser cookie») on your hard drive. Most commercial websites use cookies. By using our site you agree to the use of cookies as described in this privacy policy. The data we acquire from cookies is processed by various analytics tools and may be used to determine your geographic location (via your IP address and automated geolocation techniques), or to acquire basic information about the computer, tablet, or mobile phone that you use to visit us. Geolocation data helps us to deliver content in the correct language, offer region- or country-specific products, and identify your local currency in the event of a purchase. Cookies can help you log in by remembering your user credentials (depending on which options you select in your profile settings). We may also use cookies to record your shopping cart contents and user registration information. Cookies can help us identify your preferences, including language and currency, for future use. Cookies usually expire within 30-60 days.


With the help of our cookies we may sometimes collect anonymous information in order to improve the accuracy of our services. We can also use cookies to collect anonymous information regarding downloads of our products from download site(s); this information is used only for statistical purposes, and no personal information is collected or stored. If you wish, you can disable cookies on your web browsing software. Google Analytics We currently use the website analytics tool: Google Analytics. This tool help us understand the use of our site by our visitors. Because Google Analytics requires cookies to function, users who wish to avoid tracking by Google Analytics while on our site can disable cookies on their web browsing software (see above).


Information we collect when you download our product

You are not required to disclose any personal information in order to download any of our products.


Information we collect when you use Ads Killer for Windows

Ads Killer connects to its servers to check ad blocker filters updates. When it happens, the following information is sent:


  1. Extension version.
  2. Application identifier.
  3. Current ad blocker filters versions.
  4. Amount of starts of the extension.
  5. IP address and browser version.